Adaptiv Sports

The Challenges

Typical Measurements: Have you ever felt restricted by one-size-fits-all wheelchair options? You’re not alone! Around 80-90% of wheelchair users don’t find a proper fit with configurable standard sizes.

Restricted Choices:  Some wheelchairs lack versatility and can limit your ability to stay active. Basic designs with few options might not cater to your individual needs.

Bulky Materials: Not all wheelchairs are designed for efficiency. Some use cumbersome materials and have a modular design, making them heavy and requiring more effort to push, manoeuvre, and lift.

The Impact

Poor Posture: Ill-fitting wheelchairs force your pelvis and spine into uncomfortable positions, potentially leading to health issues like fatigue, pain, infections, and respiratory problems.

Being uncomfortable not only affects your confidence but also increases the risk of health problems and pain, as reported by 59% of people with spinal cord injuries.

Fatigue and Stress: A heavy wheelchair can limit performance and make it challenging to use. More energy is needed to propel and manoeuvre, increasing fatigue and stress on the upper body.

The Solution: Made-to-Measure Wheelchairs

At Adaptiv Sports, we believe in your uniqueness, and our made-to-measure wheelchairs are designed with that in mind. Here’s why they’re the perfect fit for you:

Personalised Measurements: Our clinician will take multiple measurements of you and your wheelchair to design and build a solution that perfectly fits your unique requirements.

Comfort-focused Choices: Choose various functional and ergonomic options for optimal comfort, balance, and posture.

Lightweight and Compact: Our made-to-measure wheelchairs prioritise the lightest and most efficient solutions, using high-quality materials and rigid frame designs.

Why Made-to-Measure?

Posture: Sitting in the correct position significantly reduces the risk of pressure-related issues. Good health promotes an active lifestyle, positively impacting your overall well-being.

Comfort: Feeling comfortable boosts confidence, helping you achieve an active lifestyle with a reduced likelihood of prolonged discomfort, pain, or persistent injuries.

Performance: You and your wheelchair work in complete harmony. This synergy reduces the energy needed to propel, maximizing efficiency and unlocking your full potential. Choose Adaptiv Sports for a wheelchair tailored to you!

How Adaptiv go the extra mile...

All our wheelchairs are prescribed by our expert clinician, Steve, who has specialised in seating and posture for over 10 years. He is also a wheelchair user himself.

Initial assessment

Let’s get you started! Schedule a convenient call where we can:

  • Chat about your needs: We want to understand your lifestyle and what you’re looking for in a chair.
  • Discover the perfect fit: We’ll introduce you to our hand-picked selection of chairs, personally sourced for comfort and quality.
  • Unleash the benefits of custom: Learn how tailor-made chairs, can provide optimal support and personalization.

Imagine a chair that’s as unique as you are! all our chairs have a variety of customization options let you express your individual style.

We’re confident our chairs are the best, but don’t just take our word for it! Let’s chat and see how we can improve your comfort and mobility.

Individual consultation

Skip the hassle, we come to you! Whether it’s your home, workplace, or even your child’s school, we’ll schedule a convenient visit to discuss your needs.

We take the time to listen and understand your specific requirements, offering expert advice on the best options for you.

Feel free to bring a family member, coach, therapist, or caregiver for additional support. Leveraging our expertise, we’ll take precise measurements and craft a chair that perfectly suits your lifestyle.

Plus, with a variety of personalization options, you can express your unique style!

Delivery and individual set up

After collaborating with us on the design using Computer Aided Design (CAD), you’ll see your vision translated into reality.

Our skilled technicians will hand-build the chair to your exact measurements, prioritizing comfort with every step.

Finally, we’ll ensure a seamless delivery at your convenience and meticulously adjust the chair for an optimal fit.

Exceptional customer service is at the heart of what we do.