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Lower Body

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Instability in the lower body often causes the trunk to twist while attempting to compensate, causing pain and compromising function. To see all options for a product, click its picture below

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Product Description

Ankle Huggers®
  • A comfortable and dynamic alternative to rigid shoe holders and foot straps
  • Help balance the lower body in response to upper body movements
  • Unique laminar padsTM evenly distribute pressure around the ankle
  • Now come with detachable pull-loops


Toe Straps
To limit aggressive foot rotation and dorsiflexion, toe straps can be added to Ankle Huggers® and slotted footplates for more complete control.
Aeromesh® Calf Supports
  • Engineered for superior pressure distribution and durability, Bodypoint Calf Supports support the lower legs and control flexion without bruising.
  • Our soft, cool Aeromesh® provides just enough give for stable comfort.
  • For more targeted ankle support, consider our patented Ankle Huggers® instead.

Aeromesh® Shower Chair Calf Support
  • Attaches to all major shower chair models with sewn-in clips — no hardware required.
  • Easily detaches for washing or transfers. 4″ height supports legs without interfering with chair operation. Like our other products, fully machine washable up to 140°F/60°C, and machine dry.