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Consolor 3D scanned foam seat cushion for Bowhead Reach and RX

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Custom body fit cushion for Bowhead Reach and RX.

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Product Description

We’ve teamed up with Consolor seating to offer the ultimate cushion for the Bowhead Reach and RX. The Consolor cushion is body mapped to each riders exact and individual requirements before being 3D scanned and carved from medical grade foam. Finished in Dartex for a wipe clean and waterproof finish.

Maximum stability.

As these cushions are moulded to the body they effectively form a bucket seat which dramatically increases the feedback between bike and rider.

The moulding process.

In place of the standard cushion the rider is sat onto a polystyrene bead bag. The bag is then attached to a vacuum pump and then formed, the negative impression of the client’s anatomy is the resultant shape in the bead bag. In essence the bead bag acts as a temporary seat. Once the rider is happy with their positioning the cushion is 3D scanned and manufactured by Consolor.

Pressure relief.

Another great benefit of these cushions is that if the rider suffers from pressure issues it is possible to remove material in the effected areas or even install a Dimensional Gel insert.