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Wolturnus W5 Suspension

£5,995.00 £7,194.00 inc tax

Lightweight and robust – for an active life

W5 is designed for an active lifestyle. The robust and lightweight rigid wheelchair ensures the optimal balance between strength and weight, making the most efficient use of the user’s energy.

Product Description

W5 Suspension is a lightweight and robust rigid wheelchair with a closed box frame made of 7020 aluminum for optimal strength. It is the latest model in the W5 series and is available in various sizes with multiple options for positioning, backrest, seat, wheels, footrest, side guards, balance point, and accessories. All wheelchairs in the W5 series are available as fully welded or with adjustable parts, always customized to the user’s measurements, needs, and preferences.

What sets W5 Suspension apart is its design featuring an air-sprung rear axle with Wolturnus’ Link system, which is connected to the wheelchair’s rear wheels. The wheels flex when the user drives over uneven surfaces and bumps, providing a smoother ride. This wheelchair is particularly suitable for active users who require ongoing adjustment of the seating position and smooth driving characteristics. It can be particularly beneficial for wheelchair users with pain problems in the back, for example.

Frame Colours 

Front Fork Colour


Rear Axle

Front Frame

Seating and Back Systems

Sideguards and Armrests




Push handles


Front wheels

Rear wheels

Push rims