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Wolturnus W5 SL

£4,295.00 £5,154.00 inc tax

Light and elegant for the experienced and active user

W5 SL has the same handling qualities as the W5 model, but has a lighter frame and narrower frame tubes. This reduces weight whilst giving this rigid wheelchair an elegant look.

Product Description

W5 SL is a customised model that is manufactured to suit your measurements and needs. This wheelchair is suitable for experienced, active users who know their requirements and who want a wheelchair that is light both physically and aesthetically.

Narrow frame tubes and a propulsion weight of only 6 kg make this model elegant and functional. The backrest and rear axle are fully welded. The wheelchair has no moving parts.

The Super Light model has slim frame tubes, yet is rigid and robust. This means that all your energy is harnessed for propulsion.


Frame Colours 

Front Fork Colour


Rear Axle

Front Frame

Seating and Back Systems

Sideguards and Armrests




Push handles


Front wheels

Rear wheels

Push rims



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