Adaptiv Sports

Wolturnus W5 S

£3,750.00 £4,500.00 inc tax

Elegant and practical for an active life

W5 S is both practical and elegant. It is designed for an active life. With arched frame tubes between the castors and rear axle, it is easy to stow in an ordinary car.

Product Description

W5 S is available as a fully welded model or with adjustable features.

The fully welded model has no moving parts. It is therefore extremely rigid and robust, which means that all your energy is harnessed for propulsion.

The adjustable W5 S is designed to meet changing needs and requirements. Adaptable features include an adjustable balance point; angle and height-adjustable back; and angle and height-adjustable footrests. The arched frame tubes, detachable rear wheel, folding back and detachable side panels ensure that it is easy to transport by car.

The seat and back upholstery are always adjustable with straps, so you can continually adapt the seating position.

Frame Colours 

Front Fork Colour


Rear Axle

Front Frame

Seating and Back Systems

Sideguards and Armrests




Push handles


Front wheels

Rear wheels

Push rims