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Wolturnus W5 D

£3,750.00 £4,500.00 inc tax

Easy transfer with flip-up footrests

Product Description

W5 D is designed for ease of transfer and to make it easier to get in and out of the wheelchair. It has separate flip-up footrests and detachable side panels. Feet can be placed on the floor.

It is suitable for active users. It is available in a standard model with a stepless adjustable balance point; angle and height-adjustable back; and angle and height-adjustable footrests. You can continually adapt the seating position. The detachable rear wheel folding back and detachable side panels ensure that it is easy to transport by car. W5 D is also available as a customised model with optional adjustability.


Frame Colours 

Front Fork Colour


Rear Axle

Front Frame

Seating and Back Systems

Sideguards and Armrests




Push handles


Front wheels

Rear wheels

Push rims