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Wolturnus Tukan Super Light

£4,895.00 £5,874.00 inc tax

Ultra lightweight wheelchair

Tukan Super Light is an ultra lightweight and rigid wheelchair with an open frame design, ideal for user’s with an active lifestyle.

The wheelchair weighs less than 4 kg (excluding wheels and cushion), and the open frame design makes it easy to lift the wheelchair in and out of the car.

Product Description

Integrated frame protection (IFP)

A weight-optimized integrated frame protection (IFP) system is welded into the front frame securing a more robust and durable wheelchair. The frame is constructed from 7020 aluminum, heat-treated to T6 specifications to ensure top quality and long lifespan.

Trekking inspired technology

The upholstery has been optimized for weight without compromising durability and adjustability. We have incorporated technology from ultra-light trekking equipment for this purpose.

Reduces the strain on the shoulders

The open-frame design does not only provide an aesthetic expression but also ergonomic benefits. The ultra-light design reduces the strain on the user’s shoulder joints, enhancing both comfort and mobility.

Tukan Super Light’s lightweight construction, advanced materials, and user-friendly features make it the ideal choice for individuals seeking an active and healthy lifestyle.

The wheelchair is available in both a fully welded and an adjustable version. Choose between a wheelchair with a fixed back and rear axle and no movable parts, or a Tukan Super Light with an adjustable rear axle and footrest, folding backrest, and adjustable back angle, allowing for continuous adaptation of the seating position.

Frame Colours 

Rear Axle

Front Frame

Seating and Back Systems


Push handles


Sideguards and Armrests



Front wheels

Rear wheels

Push rims