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Triride MTW

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Multi Traction Wheelchair


Product Description

Born from the Triride technology, the kit transforms your manual wheelchair into an electronic wheelchair, simply by replacing the motorized wheels with your manual wheels.
The TREKKING POWER kit attaches in seconds and is easily removed, returning the wheelchair to its original state without any structural changes.

Combined with any Triwheel, Triride or Tribike Hybrid model,
it allows you to have a high-performance rear traction or 3X3 three-wheel drive electric vehicle.

Thanks to the appropriate command it is possible to choose the type of traction desired.

INDOOR USE – Thanks to the practical joystick supplied, you can use the Trekking Power kit on your wheelchair to move easily indoors.

OUTDOOR USE 2x – Combined with a manual Triwheel or Tribike, it is possible to use the Trekking Power kit in outdoor environments and have 2 rear drive wheels that can be maneuvered via the front wheel.

OUTDOOR USE 3x – Combined with a Triride or Tribike-E, it is possible to use the Trekking Power kit in outdoor environments and have 1,2 or 3 driving wheels to tackle any type of route.

• Maximum power 1000 W (Dx+Sx)
• Double Lithium-ion battery 36 V or 48 V
• Traction Selector I – II – III
• Compatible electronic systems IBS – ICC – MDC
• Choice of City or Cross tires
• Connection to the Triride via Jack cable
• Weight2 14 kg
• Range2 up to 50 km
• Programmable electronics via Triride software for personalized drive
• Anti-tipper wheel
• Rear light with stop function, flashing when braking
• Various options to choose from