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TiLite TR

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Tilite’s premium dual-tube model.  With it’s beautiful titanium sweeping curves, the TR is lighter, more efficient, and more elegant than any other out there.

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Product Description

Energy Saving and efficiency 
Experience unparalleled efficiency and reduced exertion thanks to the sleek dual-tube frame of the TR. Say goodbye to wasted energy and minimize your daily strokes.

Titanium provides a smoother ride, and has the highest strength-to-weight ratio of any metal on Earth. That is why TiLite builds their highest performing wheelchairs from seamless, aerospace-grade titanium. If you want strength, durability, and a smooth roll, you want a titanium ride.

Minimum Adjustability
The centre of gravity can be moved forward/backward, but not up and down reducing overall weight. The back rest can be adjustable (i.e. Precision Lock) or fixed (less weight, more rigid).

The Ergonomic Advantage provides an additional unique bend in the frame creating an ergonomic seat slope sitting you lower in the chair providing greater pelvic stability and improved posture through optimal contouring.

Swept-In Dual-Tube Frame

  • Dual-tube geometry adds rigidity to the chair, transferring more of you push stroke to the wheel
  • More energy into the wheel, means less push strokes throughout the day
  • Curved under lower tube creates a stylistic look and more clearance for car transfers

Non-adjustable front caster housing reduces weight and adds even more style

Zero Play Camber Plugs give a much tighter feel to the chair like sport suspension in a car. CNC machined from billet aluminium to the highest tolerances, they remove any side to side movement from the rear wheels.