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Schmicking X-Design – Box Frame Wheelchair

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The all-rounder The X-Design is not only visually appealing, it also impresses with its excellent driving characteristics and its wide range of equipment options.

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Product Description

The All-Rounder

The X-design represents the best possible balance between durability and weight. Each chair is designed around the user and after your consultation Schmicking selects from multiple high grade 7020 tubing options based on your usage. This, combined with our 3 stage heat treatment process ensures there is no compromise between overall weight and a chair with an unrivalled service life.

​No detail is too small on the X-Design. Years of perfecting the model has resulted in not only the most durable wheelchair frame in the world, but all bearing interfaces are created with in-house CNC to an incredibly high tolerance, meaning not only will your frame last the test of time, but there’s no need to constantly replace moving parts.

​As all Schmicking chairs are manufactured from the ground up there is no shortage of possibilities and over the years we’ve seen and overcome nearly every wheelchair requirement imaginable – feel free to get in touch and start drawing up your dream chair with us today!

Users in excess of 200kg and 2m are welcomed!