Adaptiv Sports


£2,080.00 £2,496.00 inc tax

Go Comfortable, Go Anywhere

Loopwheels have developed a wheel with suspension that works at the higher speeds of a handbike or power attachment, for everyday use, whatever the surface

Product Description

These rates allow you to get the best comfort for your weight and the typical activities that you undertake. The rule of thumb is that the heavier you weigh and the faster you go, the stiffer the recommended spring rate. But in the end, it’s a personal choice! Some people just prefer a softer ride and others like a firmer suspension.

Weighing 2.87lb (1.36kg) per wheel (without push rim or tyre), and removing much more vibration than any other brand of a wheel, it is the only wheel you’ll need to conquer the urban jungle – or indeed, anywhere you choose to roll.

  • An everyday suspension wheel offering supreme comfort and vibration protection
  • Designed for powered use up to 25 km/h and great for manual too
  • The perfect all round wheel for using in town or on rougher tracks
  • Easy to lift with one hand
  • Use with or without a power attachment
  • Available in both 24″ and 25″ sizes: 25-540 and 25-559