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£2,250.00 £2,700.00 inc tax

Extra Stability, Extra Speed, Extra Freedom

Loopwheels have developed a wheel with world-class suspension that works at higher speeds, for off-road use with a MTB tire and a power attachment.

  • A high-performance suspension wheel specifically designed for maximum comfort off-road when using a power attachment
  • Fitted with a Mountain Bike Tire for extra grip and comfort
  • Extreme comfort, extreme stability, extreme freedom: go wherever the path takes you
  • Extreme ride quality and comfort on any adventure

Product Description

The springs use hi-tech carbon composite materials and are available in 2 spring strengths (Regular and Stiff).

These rates will allow you to get the best comfort for your weight and the typical activities that you undertake, though comfort is a personal preference.

“Rule of thumb”: the heavier your weight, and the faster you travel, the stiffer the spring.

Weighing under 3lbs (1.33kg) per wheel, and removing much more vibration than any other brand of a wheel, it is the definitive wheel if you love travelling on tracks and off-road with a handbike or power attachment.

This 507 wheel takes a larger, MTB style tyre, to bring the whole wheel with tyre to 24″. This size is a standard juvenile MTB size so a wide choice of tyres are available from online suppliers and bike shops, as an alternative to the Marathon Plus MTB tyre we supply.