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Lignorim BIG


Never too hot or too cold to the touch, no matter outside temperature.


Product Description

Your hands deserve better than metal!


Lignorim: The best push-rim for cool, clean, dry hands

Lignorim wooden push-rims are manufactured using Ash, which will not splinter – even when damaged! The natural properties in Ash mean these rims will not collect radiant heat or cold, nor do they react to temperatures, meaning, when you propel they will always feel good, never too hot or cold. They are also perfect for wet environments, due to the natural feel and texture of the Ash they will not feel slick when wet.

  • No splinters in your fingers
  • No metal transfer to discolour your hands
  • No slipping in rain or snow


BIG is the largest oval profile in the Lignorim line up, measuring 20x30mm the shape provides a larger surface for gripping than the Light and Medium models, reducing effort and increasing power and efficiency when pushing.