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The original front wheel attachment!

Product Description

The FreeWheel Wheelchair Attachment is a unique accessory designed to enhance the mobility and functionality of manual wheelchairs. It is designed to be attached to the front of a manual wheelchair, providing additional support and stability when navigating over uneven terrain.

The FreeWheel Attachment features a large front wheel, which is designed to roll over obstacles and uneven surfaces with ease. This allows wheelchair users to navigate through outdoor environments, such as grass, gravel, and dirt paths, more easily than with traditional wheelchair wheels.

One of the key benefits of the FreeWheel Attachment is its ability to improve the safety and stability of manual wheelchairs. By distributing the weight of the wheelchair more evenly over the front wheel, it can help to reduce the risk of tipping or losing control on uneven terrain.

When used with an ADAPTOR, the FreeWheel attachment can be easily attached and detached from a folding wheelchair, allowing for greater flexibility and ease of use. This can be particularly beneficial for people who travel frequently, as it allows them to easily transport their folding wheelchair and FreeWheel attachment together.


Product Specification & Options

Weight 9.9 kg

Black, Blue, Red


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