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FreeWheel Adaptor for Folding Chair

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The FreeWheel Adaptor for installing on a folding frame chair.

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Product Description

A FreeWheel + ADAPTOR set-up can provide a person with a folding wheelchair with increased freedom, mobility, and safety. The FreeWheel attachment is designed to be used with manual wheelchairs and provides added stability and maneuverability over uneven terrain, such as grass, gravel, and dirt roads.

When used with an ADAPTOR, the FreeWheel attachment can be easily attached and detached from a folding wheelchair, allowing for greater flexibility and ease of use. This can be particularly beneficial for people who travel frequently, as it allows them to easily transport their folding wheelchair and FreeWheel attachment together.

The FreeWheel attachment also provides a safer and more stable ride for wheelchair users, reducing the risk of tipping or losing control on uneven terrain. This can help wheelchair users to feel more confident and secure when navigating outdoor environments.

Overall, a FreeWheel + ADAPTOR set-up can be a valuable addition to a folding wheelchair, providing increased freedom, mobility, and safety for wheelchair users who want to explore and navigate the world around them with greater ease and confidence.