Adaptiv Sports

Adaptiv Sports & Access Adventures Weekender

Come and join us for a interactive, hands on experience with the worlds most exciting and innovative adaptive equipment!

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Location – Access Adventures – Edge Adaptive Sports Centre


We invite you to try out some of the best wheelchairs, add-ons, and adaptive bikes in the beautiful surroundings of Access Adventures’ adaptive water-skiing lake.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to test the best in adaptive technology and enjoy a fun-filled day by the lake.

The day will be split into morning and afternoon sessions, where you will get the opportunity to get hands on with brands such as Bowhead, Maddiline, Wolturnus, Tri-Ride and more!

Both sessions will be followed by refreshments and snacks!

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Hands down the most exciting adaptive bike brand on the market. Bowhead’s unique articulation allows riders to go further and bigger than ever before!



Maddiline handcycles are high-performance, customizable handcycles made in Italy. They are known for their precision fitment, technology, and comfortable ride. Here are some of their features



The Exoquad was made to be a tool for reclaiming outdoor inclusion and personal freedom!

It provides an unsurpassed degree of autonomy and accessibility that must be experienced to be believed! With these traits in mind, the Exoquad will in our humble opinion outperform any similar product on the market by a fair margin!


ICE trikes are high-end, recumbent tricycles built by Inspired Cycle Engineering in the UK. They’re known for their comfort, performance, and durability. Here’s a quick rundown of their features:

  • Recumbent design: The rider sits in a reclined position, which puts less strain on your back and neck compared to an upright bicycle.
  • Three wheels: Trikes offer more stability than traditional two-wheeled bicycles, making them a good option for people who are concerned about balancing.



With their ultra high level of customisation and attention to detail means the Schmicking has become synonymous with the finest wheelchairs and handcycles on the market.


TiLite produces customized wheelchairs made from titanium.  known for creating personalized wheelchairs through a process called TiFit, which involves tailoring each wheelchair to the exact specifications of its user.


The Wolturnus design team comprises specialists from the cycling industry and wheelchair users who have competed in elite sports at world-class level for many years. Therefore, the hallmarks of the product series are intensive development, deep insight into your needs, and deep knowledge about extreme sports



Whatever your mobility needs, Triride accompanies you with a range of models for your every need.
City routes, cycle paths, roads or mountain paths.




Power Assisted Wheelchair Systems

PAWS for manual wheelchairs is a great alternative to the car and is ideal for longer trips in the city and the countryside. The three PAWS models CITY, CRUISER and TOURER are each distinguished by their wheel type and have been developed for different types of terrain.



 The 12″ front wheel  raises castors and the wheelchair is tilted slightly backwards.

Rolling resistance is noticeably reduced, and as a result, you can enjoy more speed, comfort and manoeuvrability when pushing! Once your TRACK WHEEL has been correctly adjusted to fit your wheelchair, it can be fastened within a few short seconds!



Equip Products designs, manufactures, and sells a diverse range of equipment, now serving not only adaptive athletes but also those in need of rehabilitation and occupational therapy adaptations.


Access Adventures delivers some of the most exciting adaptive adventures in the UK.

Camps include;

  • Waterski
  • Wakeboard
  • Paddleboard
  • Bike
  • Kite
  • Snow Ski